Best computer jobs for future

Best computer jobs for future
Best computer jobs for future

Every student must determine their ideal career path related to their interesting field. There are wide ranges of computer jobs available in countries that are offering highest salaries and best opportunities for the advancement after finish the training in respective field. The available jobs will experience the fastest growth through 2020, boast top employment rates, pay salaries above the national average and offer a wide range of advancement opportunities.

Candidates first need to compare the best available jobs by employment projections, key growth factors and salary, favorite IT career path for good job profiles that mainly features skills and responsibilities, education requirements, desirable certifications, salary analyses, degree and training programs or local job openings. The best computer jobs available for future are mentioned below:

  • Mobile Application Developer – this sector offers an average salary of 95,000 US Dollar with 32% of growth in 10 years. It is considered as one of the world’s fastest growing occupations. The demand for new and innovative mobile apps is growing at an incredible speed with the increase in use of smart phones and tablets. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS (iPhone & iPad) platforms will continue to offer the most job opportunities for mobile developers.

  • Database Administrator – It offers the average salary of 82,000 US Dollar with 31% of growth in the next 10 years. Most of the business are accumulating record amounts of digital information, spurring the need for trained and certifieBAs to store, organize, analyze and secure this data. In addition, as more databases are connected to the Internet and cloud, data security is becoming increasingly vital and complex.

  • Software Engineer – It suggest the average salary of 90,000 US Dollar with 30% growth in 10 years. The demand for software engineers will rise along with technological advancements and the proliferation of emerging network technologies. The sophistication and adoption of electronic data-processing systems continues to rise with the need to implement and upgrade to these new computer systems that will fuel job creation for systems software engineers.

  • Video Game Designer – It offers an average salary of 80,000 US Dollar with 30% growth. The huge gaming industry has more than tripled in size over the last decade with no signs of slowing. Beyond the booming market, the increased popularity, processing power and graphics capabilities of mobile devices has unlocked a new world of employment opportunities for game designers, artists and programmers.

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