Cyber Security Vs Information Security

Cyber Security Vs Information Security
Cyber Security Vs Information Security

As soon as the cases of cyber attacks and security breaches are increasing at the phenomenal rate, numerous organizations are taking the concept of protecting their essential and sensitive information very seriously. When they are going to take the necessary steps for the cyber securities, companies generally confused between the concept of information security profession and cyber security profession as which one is appropriate for their needs.

So, those organizations and professionals who want to determine the best profession for their organization, they need to distinguish these professions as well. Sometimes we take the concept of both of these same but in actually they are not.

Just have a look at the difference between the Information Security and Cyber Security:

  • Security: As we find the both of terms quite similar with each other but the difference between these duos is subtle. Cyber security deals with safeguarding our cyber space from the unauthorised digital access. So it is all about protecting data in electronic form while information security is all about protecting our information assets from unauthorised access.
  • Value of Data: The main concern in the cyber security is safeguarding our company’s information and security technologies from the unauthorised digital access but information security can protect our company’s information assets from any type of threat.
  • Security functions: Cyber security mainly deals with advanced determined threat which means that threat is close and is capable of breaking our cyber space and also extracts the information. On the other hand, Information security is the foundation of data security which is associated with its priority resources.
  • Functions: Cyber security mainly concentrates on threats which exist in the cyber realm like protection of social media accounts along with personal information etc. while information security focused on information assets along with their integrity, confidentiality as well as availability.

Conclusion of Cyber Security and Information security: As the cyber attacks are becoming regular routine amongst the hackers, organizations are forced to protect their infrastructure from the unauthorised access.

It includes private sectors along with government agencies which are equally vulnerable to these cyber attacks. For those companies who are dealing with highly sensitive data on regular basis, it is necessary to use advanced security systems in order to safeguard their infrastructure.

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