Designing Intelligent cooling system

Arya College of Engineering And IT: Designing Intelligent cooling system
Arya College of Engineering And IT: Designing Intelligent cooling system

The job of the cooling system is to prevent damage to the engine and its parts which could occur from high temperature. An engine produces the large quantity of heat while running any machine or vehicle like car, Heater etc. And the temperature of these engine parts need to be controlled otherwise the heat can damage the engine.

The work of an intelligent cooling system is to extract all the unnecessary heat from the engine and insert the cooling for making the engine cool.For instance: A four cylinder truck is running on the highway with the speed of 50 miles per hour, it is obvious that it will produce a large quantity of heat and this much of heat needs to be controlled otherwise they can damage the engine. Controlling this type of heat is a job of cooling system.

There are two types of cooling system i.e. Air cooled and liquid cooled. Air cooled engines are found in some old cars but many modern motorcycles are also still using air cooled engines. But automobiles and trucks use liquid cooled engines.

The cooling system is made in the passage of the engine and its parts and there is a water pump to circulate the liquid coolant and a thermostat to control the temperature of the coolant, a radiator to cool the coolant and a radiator cap to control the pressure in the system and also the car’s heater. The procedure starts when the water pump circulates the water to the engine through its passage and then this coolant starts to consume heat from the engine.

Thus the cooling system helps the engine to keep cool at the time of leaving heat so that the temperature of the engine would remain normal. There are many types of cooling systems that works according to the capacity of the engines.

• Central air conditioner and heat pumps.
• Room air conditioners.
• Evaporative coolers etc.

Conventional cooling systems are expected to follow certain conditions that includes capability of removing at least 30% of the heat of the engine while maintaining the temperature of engine and it should remove the heat at a faster rate when engine is hot.

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