Details of Humanoid robot

Arya College of Engineering And IT: Details of Humanoid robot
Arya College of Engineering And IT: Details of Humanoid robot

The fields of humanoid robotics are recognized all over the world. Robotic technology is facing many challenges by attracting the interest of most of the people, groups and communities. It has the basic objective of humanoid development that generates impressive results that has been produced with the technological point of view.

It aims in the development of robots that can supports human in the field of industry and health care during the life that helps in the sharing of human information and behavioral space. It gains special attention that poses problem of human computer interaction. This robot has two arms, two legs.

Also, they are able to work and can make their turn, climb up and down stairs. Most of the laboratories carry humanoid robots that are studies the interaction of human and robot that makes movements and behavior based on the mechanics of brain that defines sensory motor learning and human cognition.

The kinematic architecture analyze the characteristics of human hand during the grasping tasks that leads to several approaches with mechanical design with multi hand structures, index and middle-finger that are equipped with DOF respectively.

The MEP tracking system is made with the implementation of facial gesture interface. The vision system helps in the manufacturing of designs that can track real time templates with multiple frames of NTSC video stream. It mainly consists of a video module and tracking module with 100 templates simultaneously at a frame rate of 30 Hz.

The object tracking is based on the template that compares specified search areas. This video module helps in the digitization of video input stream that helps in the storage of digital images with the dedicated video RAM. It is directly accessed by the tracking module.

Also, it helps in the comparison of digitization frame that can track various templates within the bounds of search window. The biometric hand of the system will equip three actuators systems that can provide a grasp of tripod that includes one thumb actuator system and two identical finger actuator systems.

It is based on two micro actuators that enable the driving of metatarsophalangeal joint with the proximal inter-phalangeal joint for many cosmetic reasons. Both of these actuators allow the integration of hands structure, firstly in the palm within the proximal phalanx.

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