Development of Open Source Software By Undergrads

Arya College of Engineering And It: Development of Open Source Software By Undergrads
Arya College of Engineering And It: Development of Open Source Software By Undergrads

Open source software is a kind of software whose underlying code or we can say source code is freely and easily available. Generally there is an involvement of hundreds or sometimes thousands of volunteer coders which scattered around the globe in open source development projects. There are many examples of it such as Linux Operating Systems, the Firefox web browser and the word-press blogging platform.

An open source entrepreneurship which is a new undergraduate course on initiating and managing open source development projects is developed by the team of researchers. Many types of assignments included in this course consulting with mentors, interviewing users as well as writing a promotional plan of different courses and leading the development of an open source application instead of exams or problem sets.

This course is the perfect example of an academic trend for project based curricula which also have long had vocal supporters among all educational theorists but the renewed attention has been drawn with the advent of online learning through which lectures and discussions into activities so that the students can learn and pursue on their own schedules.

The goal of the researchers was a public software release which complete with marketing campaign so the students could learn not only the technical skills which is required to complete their projects but also the managerial skills which are very important to initiate and guide them as there were many projects which is based on undergraduate engineering classes as well as result in designs or products which may not be able to make it out of the classroom.

There are a number of several motivations in this new course because sometimes students do not have sufficient time to do anything interesting outside. Students have many creative ideas but do not have time to apply them. According to the researchers, hundreds of hours of work by brilliant coders which never makes it out of the lab have been presented by the many research projects in computer science software.

With the help of open source projects, software can be cleaned up, gaps in its functionality can also be filled as well as interfaces can be created which make it easy to use. It is also helpful in modifying the code of existing systems and saving a huge amount of time and energy.

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