Eye Gaze Communication

Eye Gaze Communication
Eye Gaze Communication

The eye gaze technology is useful for those people who are facing difficulty in physically using a computer as it offers a quick and easy to understand way towards accessing our favorite software.

Eye gage Technology: Eye gage or eye tracking is the most efficient way of accessing our computers or communication aid by using a mouse which we can control with our eyes. This has the Tobii system which follows our eyes with the amazing accuracy in order to see where we are seeing on the screen. We can choose the item which we want to by staring at screen for a length of time or blinking or clicking with a switch.

Working: The Tobii eye gaze system works through having lights as well as cameras which are constantly sending and receiving information. This camera can take light reflection from our eyes and after that, it translates those movements of our eyes into mouse cursor movements. It consumes only seconds for completing one time calibration.

Relevancy: Any person who finds any difficulty in accessing computer or communication aid can use this technology. Its Tobii system has the ability to track over 95% of users with one of the largest track boxes on the market regardless of eye color, glasses, contact lenses or lighting conditions or head movements. The people who are suffering from these conditions can use it such as Cerebral Palsy, spinal injuries etc.

Other uses of technology:

Communication: We can use eye enabled software which offers a broad range of symbol and text based vocabularies. This eye gaze has been configured to snap to button on grids which makes eye gaze easy to use. This technology offers an efficient, portable and individual communication solution which also includes control, Bluetooth and other internet capabilities.

Assessing and Learning: We can use mouse in order to access anything with our eyes which is almost all software. If we look around the screen, it will move the mouse cursor accordingly by staring at a point on the screen or blinking to click. Tobii has the ability to control options and it allow us to right or left click, double click, drag as well as magnify in order to accurately select small targets.

In addition to this, it can open up a whole range of software opportunities. Such freedom enables eye gaze students in order to use the same software as classmates.

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