Framework of IT Data

Arya College of Engineering And IT: Framework of IT Data
Arya College of Engineering And IT: Framework of IT Data

Data is the soul of smart city concept. Data can be anything or everything, whether statistics, real time communications, maps, etc. Big data can bring more number of benefits to all type of business houses and sizes. Data infrastructures or framework protect helps in the protection, preservation, security and data serving with various applications for information delivery.

Data infrastructure became vital with the growing population. Due to this, our societies and economies are becoming dependent for getting data. We are in the age of growing population and urbanization. Cities are expanding and growing in technologies, facing the challenges of energy, water supply, transport and healthcare.

There are many opportunities available for the students to find multiple solutions for existing challenges and sustainable society. Smart technology can bring social and economic benefits. It has been predicted that in the near future, more than 25 cities can be called as “smart cities”. As smart surrounding can largely benefit the society needs.

All elements of smart city like better technologies, proper economic reports, etc. need availability and ability to respond in real-time.For smart cities, our ecosystem should bring stakeholders together to support development and sustainability. The data of mobile technologies and cloud computing need to be cleaned and secured. These data need to be trusted and people should be accountable for how this data is collected and used.

With shortage of engineering talent, data management is left to inexperienced data engineers.Digital transformation is leading to high demand of data capacity. The edge and cloud offer different solutions for handling the data from smarter systems.

We cannot create smart cities in isolation. These cities can only become smart when all generated data can be reacted.IT decision-makers always require digital transformation management. By the combination of efforts of government, technology, business and telecoms, we will be able to create a smart city and the management of its data.

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