Innovation By Faculties

S. No. Innovation Faculty Reference Link
1 Special lab manual for introduction to programming  Using C language Dr. PawanBhambu
2 Smart  Presentation  on concepts of Operating System Dr. VibhakarPathak  
3 Question Bank For weak and newly inducted  Student  for  C language Dr. PawanBhambu
4 Question Bank For Campus Recruitments  (developed by TP) Prof. AkhilPandey  
5. Network simulation on NS2 Mr. Vivek Sharma  
6. Video lecture on Java Mr. Vivek Sharma  
7. Video lecture on  OOPS using C++ Dr. VibhakarPathak  
8 Lab Manual of Microprocessor Lab Er. AasthaDadhich  
9 Comparison Chart of 8254, 8255 and 8279 IC Er. AasthaDadhich  
10 Instruction Chart of 8085 Microprocessor Er. AasthaDadhich  
11 Comparison Chart of Classless inter domain Routing Er. Vivek Sharma  
12 Scheduling & page replacement Algorithm Dr. VibhakarPathak  
13 Comparison between Implementations of Various Operating System Architecture Dr. VibhakarPathak  
14  Learning Methods of Cognitive skills Development Er. Vivek Sharma