Mind Reading Computers

Mind Reading Computers
Mind Reading Computers

Mind Reading Computer Systems: Mind reading computer systems are efficient and prominent systems for presenting information about our mental state in such an easy way as a keyboard and mouse present texts and commands. That day is no so far we will be surrounded by mobile phones, cars and many online services which are able to read our minds and also reacts to our mood.

But we often think that how would it will change our use of technology and our lives and this question has been answered by the researchers as they are working with the various car manufacturer for implementing this system in cars in order to detect driver mental states such as drowsiness as well as distraction and anger.

The current projects of the researchers consider the further inputs like body posture as well as gestures in order to improve the interference. Then the same models can be used for controlling the animation of the cartoon characters. They are also considering the use of mind reading computers in order to support on-line shopping along with learning systems.

These efficient systems can also be used in order to monitor and suggest the improvements in the human-human interaction.

How it works: These computers mainly work by measuring the volume and oxygen level of the blood around the brain of the subjects through the use of technology which is known as functional near-infrared spectroscopy. In this, user wears a sort of futuristic headband which is responsible for sending light in that spectrum into the tissues of the head where it can be absorbed by active and blood filled tissues.

Then measurement is done by the headband of non absorbing light which results are compared with the MRI and can be gathered with the lightweight and non-invasive equipment. A computer program is developed by the NASA which is able to read the silently spoken words by analyzing the nerve signals in our mouths and throats.

The earlier results by the researchers show that it is possible to pick up and recognize the nerve signals and patterns from the tongue and vocal cords by using button sized sensors that has been attached under the chin. This new technology would allow the people for dictating letters and search the internet by simply thinking according to the researchers. Unlike the present brain controlled computers, this new technology will be able to directly interpret words as they are thought.

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