New Technologies are Enabling Advanced Education

New Technologies are Enabling Advanced Education
New Technologies are Enabling Advanced Education

Today technologies have become an amazing and useful tool in the classroom and numerous teachers are considering the best use of every technology that can give significant contribution in student’s learning. They are the major part of student’s lives and their academic training requires the introduction of various uses of technology. Teachers are enhancing their teaching skills through the use of technologies in classroom.

Most of the people are not aware about the different tools available that can be used as a tool in education then here are some essential examples of amazing use of technology in the education.

Flashnotes: We all remember those days when we used to doodle on the side of our spiral notebook in vacant period but you will amazed to know that now our notes would not only give us an edge of exam but also let us earn a bit of cash as though flashnotes, we can upload our lecture notes and also sell them to other needy students who needs more help or resources. It has the rating system through which the best note taker can get more businesses and general pool of knowledge for expanding to other students.

Lore: Through this social network, professors or students would be able to communicate, follow one another as well as discuss class work and lectures. Along with this, it also gives the opportunity for document uploading, calendar sharing and a grade book opinion. Students can also follow their professors and interact with them regarding the important discussion. This is the best social media platform for developing the network.

Study Blue: An app has been created by a company which allows students to manage their coursework as well as they can store notes, flashcards and also can share their materials with other students.

LEAP Motion: The technology of leap motion is giving people a more natural way for interacting with the computer by developing a piece of software through which anyone can write, draw, zoom, play and interact with their computer screen with the help of a finger or entire hand. If we move our hand over the device, mouse will follow our movements.

Papertab: It is a kind of thin tab which enables users to send files and emails. In addition to this, we can navigate by pages of documents by using hand gestures. The several paper tabs can also be combined into one larger surface by placing them side by side.

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