Now be a part of Virtual Reality

Now be a part of Virtual Reality
Now be a part of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is now one of the top realities every human want to experience. This technology helps many journalists to pull a group of an audience into their stories, but few points should be acknowledged before using their stories is that they should not be too flashy as it may affect the audience trust and believe towards that particular channel.

The observant in Arya College of Engineering & IT i.e. students were authorized to read the papers done by the researchers. There is the team of researchers who are doing experiments on humans regarding this particular topic. The topic virtual reality has been categorized in various meaning like a feeling that gives a sense of presence.
Or the types of the feeling of something being there with the increasing empathy for the story’s characters said loud and clear by the researchers.

The researchers used cardboard viewer for experiencing 360-degrees videos was better than interacting or using same videos on a computer screen. With the use of 360-degree video on a computer screen, the stories being displayed had a better sense of being right in the midst of the story than text and pictures.

They led their participant watch high quality and rich in imagery videos even with good text version that resulted remarkably in good results. During this practice of this experiment, the candidates were warned as they may lose their credibility and may cause to have less trust in the story.

B-Tech IT engineering students had keenly observed the theory researchers has shown direct effects on lowering the trustworthiness of audience on that particular news.

The fact that attracted or developed the trust was the presence of a greater sense of being present in the situation and have the reality in front of them if compared to text and the creates the trustworthiness. And the simple point with virtual reality it loses audience credibility.

Even though developers try to do gamification it makes it feels like fantasy will begin the audience to wonder about its truthfulness will wonder about what they are seeing.

According to the researchers, the mesmerizing quality of virtual reality and 360-degree video may take the content more shareable, along with pointing and reporting their findings in the current issue of social networking and cyber behavior of students.

It is often referred to an empathy machine with the fact of consistency and though researchers found in their participants with both the conditions of VR and 360-degree video conditions were more empathetic towards the story characters than their counterparts in the next condition and they also reported higher intention to share the story with others.

They just not only used news content but also emotional content with intensity from VR and 360-degree video. The other more topics like Money Pad-The Future Wallet that is being examined by the students and researchers and observations being made.

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