Technological Advancements That Have Changed Sports

Technological Advancements That Have Changed Sports
Technological Advancements That Have Changed Sports

As soon as the Information Technology is getting advanced day by day, it is stepping in every sector of our society and making a great contribution in country’s economy in which sports is also not untouched by it. The world of sports is continually evolving and use of technology in this area has made an impact on many sports in the modern day.

There is an obvious link in the sports and technology. The TV we watch today and the protective gear used in play and along with this, the head monitors, analytics all are the forms of science and technology which is all around us. Technology has completely changed the sports. Here are some technologies which have changed the sports world and made it advanced:

Hawk-Eye Technology: This technology uses 6-7 high tech cameras which are situated above the playing field. It is a kind of bird eye view that can analyze the flight and trajectory of an object being used in sports competition. Various fields have its application like tennis, cricket, rugby and also volleyball etc.

Benefits of Hawk-Eye Technology:

  • We can take an error free decision through this technology in cricket, tennis or rugby and many more.
  • This technology has eliminated criticism of players and spectators in terms of decision by the match referee.
  • By analyzing the movement of the ball through this technology, umpire can take an error free decision quickly while game is going on.

HANS Devices: The essential degree of technological advancements in sports resolves around safety and HANS (Head and Neck Support) devices have fulfilled this significant requirement.

Details of HANS:

  • It is U-Shaped device placed behind our neck and its two arms are placed over the pectoral muscles of the chest.
  • They are connected to helmets through two anchor son each side and supported by the shoulders.

Video Technology: Nowadays, everything is live and not just in our home TV but also on our smart phone, tablets and the overhead screen in our local church, we are never far from the live access in today’s sports world. There possess multiple features such as instant replay, pitch trackers, HD TV sets and experience of watching sports has changed enormously better.

Wearable Computers: One of the most amazing advancements in the world of safety and monitoring is wearable computers. They allow real time tracking of an athlete’s health and after their introduction; the cases of dehydration, heart attacks have dramatically reduced.

Prosthetics Devices: Technology has given a boon to the disabled persons in sports field in form of prosthetic devices. The people who have lost limbs and never had a chance to compete, with the advancement of prosthetic technology, more and more physically disabled are competing like before.

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