Technology of 3D Passwords

Technology of 3D Passwords
Technology of 3D Passwords

With the advancements in the technologies and innovations in every field, the significance of security is also getting its importance and popularity. So in the present time, the users are provided with various kinds of security services which keep their data and other sensitive information secured as well as private.

Users are provided with many advanced passwords such as text passwords, biometric scanning as well as tokens or cards etc. mostly the encryption algorithm is followed by the textual passwords while biometric scanning is our natural signature and cards prove our validity. But most of the people do not like to carry a bunch of cards with them or some do not want to go through the IR exposure to their retinas.

Now there is a new technology which has changed the face of traditional passwords securities and named as 3D Password technology. They are more customizable as well as an interesting way of authentication. Generally the passwords are based on the ability to remember it by humans. But this is an additional textual password which can be simply put by the users.

As soon as he goes to the first authentication, a 3D room will be open on the screen. It is a kind of virtual garage. The 3D passwords present a 3D virtual environment which is containing several virtual objects. Users can navigate through this environment as well as can interact with the objects.

These passwords are simply the combination and sequence of user interactions which occur in the 3D virtual environment. They can combine recognition, recall as well as token and biometric based systems into the one authentication scheme. This task can be done by designing a 3D virtual environment which is containing the objects that request information to be recalled, recognized as well as tokens to be presented and biometric data to be verified.

In these passwords, users have the ability to enter the virtual environment as well as he can type something on the computer which exists in x1, y2 or z3 positions. Then he will be enter in the room which has the recognition device by the fingerprints which exist in position x2, y2 and z2 and he provides it his fingerprints.

Now the user can enter into the virtual garage and open the car door. Then he can turn on the radio to the particular channel. The combinations as well as the sequence of the earlier actions towards the particular projects will construct the 3D password of the users.

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