Threats to your personal data

Threats to your personal data
Threats to your personal data

The increase in trend has changed the lives of people. At the one side, it helps in the overall development of the society and in the other hand, it is creating negative impact. Most of the people of present time are misusing the internet and the facilities available to it.

The internet and smart phones have come up with five new and surprising ways to steal or expose our personal data. This is the biggest concern as it is creating harm to the society. Companies like Google and Facebook still track you and harvest personal data. Hackers also wanted to steal your data in different ways.

The latest trend in information technology has revealed that your security and privacy could be compromised in impossible ways for which you need to get aware. Some of them are:

  • Stolen fingertips from selfies – Various researches have been made by a professional who says that the fingerprints of the user could be stolen from photos of your fingers, and the prints could then be re-created and used to bypass biometric security systems.

    It is due to the high-resolution smart phone cameras that allow copying the fingerprints and using them to foil fingerprint security schemes. For this, scientists have developed a great solution to this problem that allows the usage of a clear titanium oxide film with a specific pattern printed on it. Users can place their fingers to cover their prints before taking a selfie.

  • Political trolls ‘win arguments’ by publishing your personal data – The different political sessions have taken over the entire web or social sites just to win their arguments. People have started the practice of doxing through which they expose someone’s personal information online. Information likes address and phone number can be found easily online and conduce the harassment.

    But some people are working to overcome this problem where the victim can call the police and report the violent confrontation and lead the police to send the SWAT team to address.

  • Genealogy sites have already posted your personal information online -Personal information sites, including genealogy and “people search” sites, have been around for years. The business model has long been to tease people with the kinds of information the sites could provide, and then require interested parties to pay to get the full set of data.

  • Mobile apps send personal data back to a remote server – There are certain applications like a Chinese selfie-editing iPhone app called Meitu that can transform your face into a surreal cartoon image that whitens, brightens, enlarges the eyes and adds visual effects.

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