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The Department of Information Technology is a center of excellence in providing in-depth technical knowledge and opportunities for innovation and research with up-to-date computer facilities. We aims at imparting excellent Information Technology education for professional roles in a changing and challenging technological world, to advance knowledge through quality research in important emerging areas in the discipline and to build a strong relationship with industry, academia and society.

In terms of students and faculties, it is considered as one of the largest departments. We provide Best-in-class infrastructure and faculty profile with a strong industry interface of leading companies like IBM, CISCO, TCS and EMC2 and curriculum that is designed for facilitating students to pursue higher education in India and abroad.

Program Educational Objectives

These objectives were developed, refined and finalized using the inputs from various constituencies such as the academic experts, staff of Information Technology department, Alumni of the college working in field and various industries visiting the college for on campus placement beside the country basic need for human resources in the field of Information Technology.

To prepare students for career as professionally sound engineers of working on multidisciplinary projects in Information Technology.
To expose students to analytical, scientific, engineering principles and practices in Information Technology to enable them to formulate, analyze and solve problems by designing the software solutions.
To broaden the mental horizon of students and inspire them for advanced studies and research work so that they may grow to the level of being contributors to the field of Information Technology instead of mere practitioners by exposing them to recent advances in the Information Technology through expert lectures, seminars, workshops, conference, technical tours and industrial visits.
To expose the students to the expectations of the Information Technology Industry through professional training and certification programs besides covering the syllabuses prescribed by the University for Information Technology Course.
To improve the general outlook of students and enthuse them with attitude for leadership through improved communication and presentation skills while adhering to the professional practice and the code of ethics of the Information Technology.



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Experienced doctors and Scientist form our medical staff

M.D. Samantha Willis

Medical Doctor Pediatry

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Ph.D. Phillip Sudders

Chief of Surgery

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Dr. Katherine Field

Chief of Oncology

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PhD. Mary Simons

Doctor of Philosophy

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Our Ideologies

The core focus of our Department


We are evolving towards more computer dependent society. For this, education of computers and its applications with practical and theoretical knowledge and skills have become important. We believe in the development of mental capabilities that are required for solving multidimensional problems. Computer scientists can design various software to apply multiple solutions.


Software is a fundamental part of research, and research software engineers are fundamental to good software. They have the potential to bring new tools and fundamental work, share ideas with people who do same work and discuss the method of overcoming from the problems generating during the practical experience in the industry.


We believe in building the most important skills for the professionals through experiential learning with teamwork. Advanced technologies and widespread proficiency are collaborated for creating new opportunities for budding professionals. It ensures training and guidance in effective ways with web based tools and applications.


We seek to attract and motivate students with enthusiasm and interest in diversified fields so that they can pursue excellence e in research and technology transfer. We also aim to maintain high standard of education for the society.


We are targeted towards meeting or exceeding the expectations of the students by holding large business projects and making innovative contributions that can make positive impact on the society and the world.


The field is expanding its traditional boundaries. So, we are focusing in providing great opportunities to the do that students can explore and expand their skills and knowledge by driving force of innovation, Development and manufacturing in country.


What Alumni Say About Us

Life at Arya was unique in its own.There studies are perfectly balanced with extracurricular to achieve overall development of the students. The professors here are all experts in their respective fields and as such are able to provide excellent technical knowledge to the students.

Abhishek JainAbhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain
Strategic Advisor
MTS Sensors

I consider myself very lucky for being a part of Arya. There is something motivational and special in this environment which made us study and enjoy co-curricular activities. All the professors are very helpful and they guided us all the time.

charan singhcharan singh
Charan Singh
Indian Railways

The campus is filled with positive energy and exuberance. My first visit left me awestruck after looking at the infrastructure and maintenance of the college. The campus is full of limitless opportunities if you want to discover yourself.

Arun Dadhich
Project Manager